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Art of Cell Science / for authentic beauty ultimate anti-aging expert

An anti-aging brand containing
the aesthetics and essence of
cell science

Spirit of Dr. Robert Hooke,who
discovered the aesthetics of cells in 1665

Dr. Robert Hooke, who was a professor at Oxford University in England, discovered cells in 1665 for the first time in the world. He wrote the scientific significance and illustrated the beauty of cells in his book titled Micrographia. By succeeding the spirit of Dr. Hooke, who discovered the aesthetic beauty of cells from the moist advanced science, Re:NK tries to maintain everlasting beauty through the most fundamental, yet leading science of cells.
- IR52 Jang Young Shil Award, Gold Prize at the 2013 Pittsburgh International Invention Competition, and Grand Prize at the 2012 iENA, which is one of the world’s three major invention exhibitions.

CELL to CELL Science ‘Focus on all things about cell science’

The everlasting beauty of the skin lies in the life energy of cells, which comprises the skin, not in moisture, skin tone, and the problem of wrinkles. Re:NK strives to show the essence of cell science, which supports the vitality of the skin, by delving into the roots of cells through EnerCell, CellIQ, Stem, Nano, Neuro, and Cell Bio with plant cells.

Vitality from Nature Complex
‘Discover the life energy of cells
from natural materials’

Re:NK pursues genuine beauty that infuses new breath into skin cells by integrating cell science with natural extracts containing the strong vitality obtained from nature, such as Lapacho, a tree from the god of the ancient Inca Empire; and Jojoba, which stretches its root up to 12 meters in the desert. Re:NK finds natural materials that have strong vitality and are vital to the skin, and it produces complex derivatives with its unique technology.

Ultimate Skin
‘The ideal skin obtained by taking care of the root: an anti-aging brand for prevention, vitality and correction.’

Re:NK helps restore the most ideal skin by taking care of the root causes. This is done from a creative approach that helps revitalize the skin’s energy and activate the health of the skin cells in response to various causes of aging.

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